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Coffee, with Love

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About Us

Sunflower Espresso is a coffee shop and mobile espresso bus that has been making tailored espresso drinks and experiences since 2015. 

Kate Hutchens opened Sunflower Espresso coffee bus after living on the West Coast and seeing the mobile café Pony Espresso. She loved the idea of bringing a café experience TO customers rather than the other way around. Over the years, the business and team grew. Michelle Barrett joined as co-owner in 2021, and Kate and Michelle opened the Sunflower Espresso Café in downtown Wichita.

The coffee bus loves joining local events and celebrations with coffee lovers, businesses, and non-profit groups, and the café is another welcoming space for people to enjoy and to learn about coffee. 

Our Mission

Sunflower Espresso’s coffee bus is able to go out into the world and contribute to people's special moments. The Sunflower Espresso Café is a place to highlight local artisans, to host events, and to generally provide a delightful coffee-centric space.

While we are in the business of preparing excellent, locally roasted coffee, Sunflower Espresso is also equally interested in developing real, lasting relationships with our customers and employees. 

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Brittany Merrell

So yummy ???? my coffee was so good worth the wait and will go again if I run into the truck at the farmers market again!

Kristin Dexter-VonOot

The best Go To coffee café for a quick afternoon pick-me-up and they carry local fav, Lovie & Co. handmade chocolate bars. Coffee & Chocolate ?? Yum! Sunflower Espresso has the nicest baristas! Everything is made in Kansas ????

Maria Frev Smiff

Loooove the truck and the physical location!! The lavender mocha is the best I've ever had. And omg get the pumpkin bread whenever they have it! Michelle is our favorite barista (she's just so dang cute), but they are all super nice. Looking forward to seeing their smiling faces at the Old Town Farmer's Market this Spring!

Rodrigo Ciriaco

Great people, great coffee and loved my cappuccino with honey. Definitely one of the best in town. I strongly recommend Sunflower Espresso!

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